Peter C. Ekstrom

President & CEO

Pete EkstromHello Friends…

I’m a life-long salesperson. Because my parents never gave me an allowance I found my way to a sales career the usual way - I started knocking on doors to sell or ask people to hire me.

I never really liked prospecting, but I understood early on that if I wanted that new bike I’d have to talk to strangers in order to get it.

Today, and for the past 15 years, I have spoken with tens of thousands of strangers (a.k.a. sales prospects) and served the business development needs of over 150 companies and thousands of individual salespeople from around the world. Finding new business opportunity is what I do.

I have over 30 years experience in direct sales and am currently an associate professor of sales & marketing communications at Pace University - The Lubin School of Business Administration in NYC.

I teach a highly specialized sales & speech pathology course called The Gold Call that helps undergraduate students master the professional speaking & negotiating skills they will need to advance their sales careers and do business in corporate America.

My Gold Call Script Builder Kits have been deployed within hundreds of companies around the globe including Oracle, IBM, Google Apps, Sharp Electronics, AXA Financial, Aflac, Ernst & Young, and CenturyLink.

To help reinforce the lessons learned from my Gold Call Script-Builder Kits  I regularly publish a wide variety of content to my Gold Call Blog including recorded telephone conversations with REAL sales prospects in order to demonstrate the proper execution of The Gold Call Script to my students.

If you’re looking for help finding new business opportunity I want to help…

Peter Ekstrom:

Peter Ekstrom

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