Making LinkedIn Work For You!

You Need More Customers, But...

* You hate cold calling
* When you do cold call no one answers their phone
* Sales prospects don't return your calls or respond to your emails
* You're not getting enough referrals
* You're not meeting with enough new prospects every week

The Result...

* You're not making enough money

We Can Help You...

* Make direct contact with potential customers every day.
* Drive sales leads in your direction on a daily basis.
* Meet with more decision-makers each week
* Close more sales.

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☆ Turn Your LinkedIn Connections into Customers ☆

Turn Your LinkedIn Connections...
Into Customers

'Profile-Visitor' Connects You With Sales Prospects...

Why 'Profile-Visitor'?

  • Cold Calling isn't producing the volume of sales meetings you need to close new business.
  • It is easier to sell by way of referral & personal introductions than any other method.
  • Stay in constant contact with your target market every day and you’ll close more sales.

'Profile-Visitor' will...

  • Convert your LinkedIn profile (brand) into a multi-functional & interactive 'Sales Lead Generator’.
  • Drive buyer attention & interest in your direction on a consistent daily basis.
  • Help you reach a mass market audience for all your products and services.
  • Generate more sales leads that lead to closed sales.

Here's How it Works... 

  • ‘Profile-Visitor’ software automatically visits 1000s of LinkedIn profiles - from each user's desktop - based on the advanced search parameters that LinkedIn makes  available to PREMIUM MEMBERS.
  • To the LinkedIn search profiles being visited, the owners of the LinkedIn profiles believe that you are visiting their LinkedIn profile individually, but it’s actually the “Profile-Visitor” software making the connection for you - up to 800 times per day(You can't make that kind of volume contact with cold calling)
  • Because many LinkedIn users regularly check to see who's visited their LinkedIn profile each day, they in turn will visit YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE!
  • As a result of people visiting your LinkedIn profile you can expect to receive invitations to connect from legitimate prospects, a LinkedIn InMail message, or contact you directly!
  • Now that you have driven dozens of people to your LinkedIn profile you now have a valid reason to send them an InMail message, or a request to connect on LinkedIn. Having a genuine purpose to the follow up call helps break the ice in conversation.
  • ‘Profile-Visitor’ drives hundreds of other LinkedIn members to your LinkedIn profile so they can see your elevator pitch, presentations, and all the pertinent information that best describes the value of your business.
  • Best of all - ‘Profile-Visitor’ gets sales prospects to come to you so you can make contact, communicate, fill your sales pipeline, and close more sales!


The End Result...

The end result



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With 'Profile-Visitor' you can...

  • Make contact with 100s of sales prospects every day.
  • Generate 40-80 new LinkedIn profile views every day.
  • Generate 3-4 genuine sales inquiries everyday.
  • Double the size of your professional network.
  • Start meeting with more 'Decision-Makers'.
  • Close more sales.


LinkedI​n 'Profile-Visitor'...

Want to turn your LinkedIn connections into customers?

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